I would have never thought that a fungus infested nail, would lead to my dad’s leg being amputated…

It all started a couple of months ago with a simple rash between the toes of his left foot… Then his toenails turned yellow… And eventually made a man who was strong like an ox his whole life, a helpless victim of fungus…

Which spread throughout his body, giving him insomnia, pulverizing his liver, clotting his veins and suffocating his lungs…

Leaving even top doctors helpless to do anything about it.

And even to this day, I cry like a helpless child…

When I remember how my father was taken unconscious to the Emergency Room… and never get out of there on his two feet….

It was one of the most disturbing and horrifying experiences for both of us...something that still gives me nightmares to this day….

But this tragic incident also motivated me to discover a simple and effective fungus destroying protocol, secretly used by an international space agency to prevent their astronauts from being infected… that can eliminate any kind of fungus fast without any dangerous side effects…

Hello, my name is Richard Parker – the number 1 man on Big Pharma’s death list!

The man who single-handedly has made Big Pharma lose 1 Billion Dollars in less than a month!

I’ll reveal the reason why in just a moment…

As the latest scientific studies from the University of Yale point out (and which pharmaceutical companies desperately tried to hide from you)

The real cause of your skin or toe fungus infection is not on the outside, but on the inside of your body…

Triggered by millions of fungi spores that you breathe every day, silently poisoning your blood and your internal organs…

And your dry skin or nail problems are just the tip of the fungus iceberg that has been building up inside your body for decades!

That is why you should NEVER, EVER ignore a nail or skin fungal infection... Make no mistake: it's a symptom for something much worse!

In the next few minutes, you’ll discover a simple tool to see if you are suffering from ‘internal fungus buildup’, and if you are, what to do about it.

I will also reveal to you the SHOCKING SECRET that the powers that be, the Big Pharma and literally everybody in the government desperately wants to hide from you…

You will be outraged when you’ll learn WHY ASTRONAUTS never get infected with toes or nail fungus ….

As the international space agency’s medical team spent tons of money developing an antifungal protocol, after the Russians had their 2.4 billion dollar space station overrun with fungus… and had to crash it in the ocean because their astronauts began to die in space.

The protocol was also inspired from Vietnamese rice-workers, who despite the fact that they stay with their hands and feet in muddy waters even 12 hours every day, don’t get a skin infection or rashes….

Yes, in just a few moments I will also show you how to EASILY FLUSH AWAY ALL THE FUNGUS FROM YOUR BODY and COMPLETELY get rid of those ugly, painful nails and skin infections…

Because of the personal sacrifice I’ve made… There is now a BREAKTHROUGH treatment for fungus.

And it does not involve taking any nauseating drugs like Lamisil that will destroy your liver and clog your arteries, instead of curing your yellow nails …

Or creams that will only make your lose hundreds of dollars, making your feet and hands even more itchy, bad smelling and rotting your nails…. Or painful and expensive laser surgery that costs around $1,800 and risk leaving permanent burn scars on your feet and hands…

This breakthrough can deal with ANY fungal infection ... from nails to skin... to internal infections... even if you had the fungus for over 20 years. And has already been medically proven to work in 99.7% of cases, leaving doctors in awe...

Being used successfully by 41,400 folks and counting...

Believe me – this natural treatment will not only fight off the fungus infection on your skin or nails… But it will also save your life.

Because an ounce of cure is worth a pound of prevention…

You’ll never have to worry or stress again about your internal toxic fungus build-up… and your hands and feet will clear and regain their healthy, strong, smooth appearance.

Also, this can add sometimes up to 15 more years to your life, as it will shield your internal organs against the fungus-devil that crawls under your skin.

I'm also going to share with you the tragic story from someone very dear to me... who suffered from toe fungus... And now has just one leg… Because I was a fool, and didn’t pay attention to a stupid yellow nail…

So, even if you have visited conventional doctors and naturopathic doctors, took strong antifungals, tried numerous home remedies… and are disappointed with the results just like so many other people...

Stay with me until the end of this presentation…

It’s going to take so little time of your life, but I guarantee it will absolutely CHANGE it .

Like it did for so many folks who were like you… Lonely, with nobody there to help them, with nobody there to tell them the truth about their fungus infection and how to treat it…

People like…

Stephen Thomas from Columbus, Georgia, who says:

The results experienced are not typical consumer results and results may vary.

“My whole hand was covered with fungus for 10 years before I cured it almost instantly with your amazing help.

For in the last 3 years, 2 of my fingernails became fungus fingernails 100% from the root.

I went to doctors 2 times per year to ask for help and I did whatever they told me to do, but nothing worked. Moreover, they said that all the fingernails on that hand would eventually become fungus nails.

I've always thought that, if there was a cure, my "honest" doctors would tell me about it in a split second.

I was blind... But now I know...

I followed your advice and did everything you said... It killed all the fungus in my nail and on the 4th day I could see the "half moon" again! My new nail then grew out 100% normal. Even though I stopped doing the treatment, the fungus never returned. ALL gone for over 3 months now!

I tried to tell my doctors about this cure, and they did not have even a second to hear my story. They really are not interested in a cure. They only want to treat things, since they make a lot more money that way. If they cure you, they lose a lot of money. For 10 years I paid them big bucks to look at my hand. Total waste ... The number 1 biggest mistake is thinking your doctor wants to help.”

Stephen Thomas, Columbus, Georgia

Or Karen Rayburn from Austin, Texas, who wrote:

“For years, I had suffered from very dry skin around my toes and heels, really itchy in the summer, keeping me awake at night. I also had a nail fungus on roughly 8 of my toes. A few months ago, I decided that I had enough and that I really needed to sort myself out. I tried loads of treatments, from soaking my feet daily in Oilatum and Vicks, to laser treatment, but nothing was really effective.

It wasn't until I saw your presentation, that everything changed for me. The results are amazing and extremely quick, the worst two nails are ready to grow again, and other nails that had a slight white look, to them are going back to a pinky color.”

Karen Rayburn Austin, Texas

Dr. Anthony Gray, M.D. FACS wrote to us and said:

“I first heard about this fantastic cure through a patient of mine, who was a type II diabetes patient and had been suffering from nail fungus. This is a common condition for diabetics.

As a medical professional, I was extremely weary of alternative cures, especially those with big promises. But to my surprise, this patient of mine managed to recover from nail fungus in just under a week.

I double checked the information you provided, and I'm pleasantly surprised at the scientific research behind it, as well as the case studies. I'll be referring other patients of mine who are suffering from fungal infections to this program.”

Dr. Anthony Gray

The results experienced are not typical consumer results and results may vary.

As I’ve already told you, my name is Richard Parker, and I’m from a small town near Tallahassee, Florida. After I graduated in 1998 the College of Medicine at the University of Florida, for the next 17 years I’ve worked as a medical researcher at a laboratory affiliated with an international space agency.

I come from a traditional American family, where I was taught to respect and value my parents. They were my most influential teachers, inspiring me only to do good deeds and tell the truth no matter what.

So, you must imagine the deep pain and grief I felt when the doctors practically made me cut my dad’s fungus infested foot…

But let me tell you exactly how it happened, so you’ll know what to look out for… I sincerely hope that nobody else has to go through what I had to endure…

It all started not long ago, when, during a hot August’s visit at my dad’s, as we sat and talked outside on the porch, I’ve noticed something strange on one of his feet – it was a yellow nail… and around it, the skin was cracking and peeling…

He said it was nothing important… It’s just an itch…some blisters… And, let’s be honest: who cares about some stupid nail’s color!

My dad was strong as an ox. He never took a pill all of his life… and never got closer to 30 feet from a hospital!

But, I guess the old saying is true: just because you’re not sick doesn’t mean you’re healthy!

Time passed, but soon after, all his nails became discolored, thick and crumbly. The fungus began spreading. Eventually, it was so bad that he even found it difficult to walk. It broke my heart to see him unable to even enjoy a simple stroll in the park…

Soon, the nail fungus became so unbearable that he developed sleeping disorders. He was tossing and turning all night.

He tried all the popular remedies... But all his efforts were in vain. More pain, more suffering and money flushed down the drain. This was not the life a respectable senior citizen like him should endure!

In the end, his nails were completely gone... the fungus had won.

But what's worse, is that he also started developing other seemingly 'unrelated' conditions: psoriasis… jock itch… ringworm… skin fungus.

And not only was he losing his hair but the rest of it was full of dandruff. He then finally decided to go to his doctor… it was the worst thing that he could do … to put all of his faith in the Big Pharma…

At that time, his doctors never imagined that all his issues were connected to one root cause. They simply prescribed him Lamisil, as an oral medication to treat the toe fungus, along with other medications like antibiotics to treat psoriasis (HUGE mistake!).

For a while it seemed like the drugs were helping to reverse the disease... until the side effects kicked in. He started getting fever and sudden chills throughout the day. He had problems eating, because sores were invading his throat.

I recall that, at one point, he also lost 8 pounds in a week. He looked like a shadow of what used to be my dad. The light in his eyes faded away, and he was constantly complaining of feeling exhausted.

Then one day, he suddenly felt a sharp stomach pain, and went to the toilet. To his horror, the urine came out dark, as he later confessed to me.

After a visit to the doctor, he was informed that he had jaundice... as well as liver failure. He needed a liver transplant soon, or his life would be in danger.

Apparently, the pharma cocktail his doctor prescribed was destroying his liver faster than 1 gallon of vodka per day!

Then, late-night on a Wednesday as I recall, I got an unexpected call from my dad. His voice seemed desperate and he urged me to come to him as fast as I could… I rushed to my car and, when I reached his house, my old man was lying on the floor, unconscious and with his feet bare, covered in falling pieces of black and purple skin…

I immediately took him to the best Emergency Hospital, where the doctors told me that they had to cut my dad’s foot… He had a sudden toxic fungus infection outbreak and amputating his foot was the only solution the doctors had to save his life.

As my dad was unconscious, lying on the operating table … I had to take the unbearable decision to let the doctors cut his foot to save my loving father’s life…

By the grace of God, he soon recovered from the surgery.

But the bad news kept on coming!

The doctors told me that my father was on a “death-clock”, as his internal fungus build-up was rapidly spreading through his body.

At first, I did not believe them. I mean…

What is an internal fungus build up?

But then they showed me, using a dark field microscope, a sample of my dad’s blood and a sample of normal blood.

When I saw the horrible difference, I couldn’t believe my eyes! My dad’s blood was practically 90% overrun by toxic fungus.

Moreover, they told me that there is a 90% chance that they will have to amputate the other leg or an arm… depending on where on his body the next fungal outbreak will occur. Also, because he was old, the doctors seemed not to care too much for him – for them – he was useless… like an old piece of furniture that you want to throw away from your house…

Looking at my father practically dying on the hospital bed, with the blood gone from his face and an IV needle stuck in each arm...

It made me furious to think that all had happened just because of some nail fungus. You may think this is extreme... and it was. But I'm going to prove to you in a few minutes that many other people are experiencing the same thing as well.

When I saw him hopeless and incomplete… with his teary eyes looking at me without being able to say a single word…

My heart broke into pieces, I started shivering and weeping uncontrollably. I felt MAD.

Mad at the irresponsible doctor for prescribing such a drug to my father.

Mad at how my dad was not given a second chance at life because of his age.

And mad at myself that I was unable to do anything to help him... even though I was a medical researcher.

But I gathered my strength, as he taught me when I was just a little boy, and told him: “Dad, have faith! You’ll live! I swear to you - I’m going to cure you no matter what!”

I was in a race against time to find the ultimate cure to this deadly fungal infection.

And time was ticking faster and faster… with each day that passed, and his fungal infection not treated was slowly growing inside him…. I feared for his life…

But then, one long, dark night, while I was researching and trying to find a cure, I realized something: All those “remedies”, “cures”, “antibiotics”, “homemade recipes” and what not did not work because of one obvious reason:

They were working only skin-deep… temporarily hiding the fungus infection visible outside…. Treating just the tip of the fungus iceberg….

Something was feeding his internal fungus poisonous colony … but what? And then it occurred to me …IT HAS TO BE SOMETHING IN THE AIR! The only logical explanation was that toxic fungus spores are air-borne!

At first, I thought – this could not be possible. But then I started doing some research and talking to some medical experts and what I’ve discovered sent cold shivers down my spine:

According to a 2016 University of Yale Study on Fungus and Air-Conditioning units, researchers found out that the presence of an air conditioning has been associated with a 30% to 200% increase in respiratory and other health systems, such as the tightening of the chest, dry coughs as well as a whole bunch of other fungus-related diseases.

As my good friend and colleague, Prof. Jordan Peccia, a respected Yale Professor in Chemical & Environmental Engineering said:

"When you think about it, air conditioning coils are wet, cold places. Wherever water exists in a building, we usually find bacterial and fungal growth. There's a lot of gross and toxic stuff in there and that may become distributed throughout the building."

I began to scream with anger! This was not possible. Air-conditioning units are everywhere – from your house, to malls, nursing homes, and even hospitals! Do you really believe that anybody thinks about cleaning them up regularly? I don’t think so!

Are you constantly exposed to a dangerous fungus infection on a daily basis? You bet!

Everybody’s always talking about cars and factories polluting the air, and the government is always trying to regulate the pollution levels because sometimes it gets out of control, but nobody is even mentioning how dangerous airborne fungus is…


Practically, our government does not care how much fungus we inhale on a daily basis!

They just let us die… slowly… not giving a damn!

The more I’ve researched on this extremely dangerous topic, the more shocking results I’ve found!

Fungus is practically everywhere – in the air, carried by birds, in your air-conditioning system from home, from work, behind the walls of your home, in the fabric of your clothes, in the pillows of your couch, inside your car, in malls, gas-stations, libraries and local grocery stores…

I felt so stupid for not thinking about this earlier… So, I immediately dashed to my car, and drove to my dad’s house to check for any fungus infested areas in the home.

The first thing I did when I entered was to run my finger on the blades of the air-conditioning unit. When I looked at my finger, it was covered in a dark-green slime that had a bad smell and made my index finger instantly itch!

This was not possible! Inside the safety of his own house, my dad was being poisoned by toxic fungus without even realizing it! Even though he is obsessed with cleanliness! I mean, he’s the type of guy who hires professional cleaning companies to disinfect his house once every 2 months!

As I am a researcher and a man of science, armed with this new information, I began to run some numbers to see the REAL GRAVITY OF THE PROBLEM.

Do you want to estimate your internal toxic fungus build up? It’s easy. But truly shocking!

On average, we take around 9,000,000 breaths every year. A person who lives to 80 will take about 700,000,000 breaths in a lifetime. And, with each and every breath, we inhale those rotten fungus spores…

Now, I won’t bore you with meaningless statistical data.

But, instead, picture this:

When you take a breath, you are somewhat like a vacuum cleaner: air enters your lungs through your nostrils, and from there it goes into your body through the bloodstream.

A vacuum cleaner does the same thing: sucks up air and other impurities like dirt through its tube and deposits everything in its sack.

When you inhale, along with the air you also breathe millions and millions of toxic fungus spores. They enter in your lungs and then in your blood, slowly poisoning you day by day. Even when you sleep!

Now, if the sack of the vacuum cleaner gets full, what do you do? You empty it and that’s it. But how can you empty up all that fungus that you have been breathing for ages non-stop so far?

You can’t!

I was left speechless! My loving dad was like a vacuum sack full of deadly toxic bacteria and fungus build-up! I was amazed that he was still alive, to be honest…

And then I thought to myself: I am 45 years old… so that means that my “fungus sack” was half-full… Damaging my immune system, rotting away my organs… creeping slowly at the surface of my toes skin and attacking my nails….

I had to do something fast before it was too late!

So, the next day I went back to my research lab and contacted Dr. Walter Mills – a respected retired microbiologist, who worked at a top-secret, off the grid military medical research lab…

As he was a good friend of my dad’s from back in the day, I knew he would help me find a working cure for this devilish disease! After I’ve told him the drama my family was going through, and that my dad’s days were practically numbered, he got closer to me, and told me…

“Do you work for an international space agency, right?”

I said, “Yes… for more than 16 years…. Why?”

He put on a grave face and then asked me:


I looked puzzled at him and did not know what to answer… I mean… He had a point there: Navy Seals, who are always deployed in dangerous combat zones, usually wear their thick, heavy, army boots for more than 14 hours a day at a time…

Astronauts, on the other hand, who spend weeks on the space station, wear astronaut boots… And they cannot risk getting infected by fungus – a toxic fungus epidemic in the space station would mean absolute disaster and death for everyone aboard.

My mind froze… What the hell is going on here?


Dr. Mills, as if he was afraid that somebody will hear him, shared with me an astonishing secret:


Next, I began to carefully listen to Dr. Mills’ explanation:

“It all started back in 2000… I was working for an international space agency and one day we got an intelligence report saying that the Ruskies have a major fungus problem on their space station, and one female cosmonaut died. Not long after that, this was everywhere in the news: the Russian space station MIR was all covered in fungus. And there was nothing they could do about it.

So, in 2001, because they had no working remedy for this dangerous problem, they had to plunge the $2.4 billion space station in the ocean.

We knew then that our entire space program was in danger. So all the brilliant medical minds working at the international space agency began their work to find a cure for fungus immediately! We also knew that everything that was on the market back then had zero effect on fighting and curing fungus.

But our research group had a stroke of genius and asked a stupidly simple question:

Why the hell the Vietnamese rice farmers, who spend all day long working in muddy waters, never get skin diseases or fungus on their hands or feet?

I mean… those people don’t have access to the latest fungal antibiotics, they don’t have the possibility or the money to undergo expensive laser treatment, and many of the anti-fungus creams that are available here, in the US, are not sold in Vietnam, right?

But still… they had ZERO fungus problems! It was a complete mystery! Long story short, starting from this spark of genius, we realized that their secret was no secret at all!

It was all about a group of ultra-powerful natural ingredients they had been using daily in their diet for thousands of years… which shielded their immune system from all the possible threatening infections caused by fungal spores.

You must also know that the recipe is completely safe, with no side-effects whatsoever and, most important of all – WITH IMMEDIATE RESULTS! Even a very famous astronaut – Scott Kelly, recently declared that being in space gives you 'feet like a baby'!

But…there is one problem,” Dr. Mills said …

“This ultra-secret formula is available only for the 1% of the population… elite, politicians, big corporation heads, heads of state, members of government, top scientists, astronauts…”

By then, I was completely outraged:

I said – “Hold on! Why is this not released? Americans have the right to know the truth! Nobody else has to suffer because of fungus. No legs should be amputated, no senior citizens, or children should be left untreated!”

Dr. Mills explained this to me very clearly:

“The antifungal industry controlled by Big Pharma is a $13 billion per year industry. Do you actually think that they want this cure out there on the market, available for everybody? DO YOU?”

He also added – “At best, they’ll release it for the general population in 15 or 20 years maybe, as they usually do with all the major medical breakthroughs and cures that are discovered…”

So, by now, you must be very curious… and anxious to find out what does this ultimate anti-fungal secret formula contain? Why all the ingredients that it is made of are so extremely powerful against the massive, toxic internal fungus build-up?

And, most importantly…

How does it work and why does it work so incredibly well?

Pay careful attention now, because the following information comes up from top-secret medical research, to which the general public has no access to:

Here’s a short and to the point explanation of each and every one of the secret ingredients used and how they work. After lab testing, they have proven to be 100% effective ONLY in this formula, especially calculated and adjusted to give THE BEST POSSIBLE RESULTS AGAINST FUNGUS BUILD-UP – both externally and internally.


We sourced the ingredients from the purest locations and in the most effective forms, which means they are extremely bioavailable and easier for the body to absorb.

Imagine the 26 especially selected ingredients entering your system and getting absorbed by the body almost immediately.

This happens not just because our ingredients are extremely pure and bioavailable. But also because whenever our bodies detect that we give them something that is essential for our survival, they practically suck it up like a dry sponge. In almost a fraction of a second, they start to rapidly spread through your body like a swarm of anti-fungal bees.


So you have a 50 or 60 years’ worth of fungus build-up on the walls of your veins. No problem. After testing more than 144 organic anti-fungus ingredients, top space scientists have chosen these top 3 ingredients: Beta-Glucan – the penicillin of antibiotics, ARA-6 – the sworn enemy of fungus and the unique Japanese mushroom complex that makes Asians live 20 year longer than the rest of the world.

These ingredients will practically flush away like a fireman’s pressure hose all the fungus from your vein’s walls.

Your veins and arteries will be clear of fungus, more elastic and blood will once again flow normally to your organs. It’s good to feel like you’re 20 again!


During this phase, curcumin, Cat’s Claw and garlic will begin to actually dissolve the billions of toxic fungus bacteria that have been flowing freely in your blood system for years.

Curcumin works wonders because is a natural antioxidant and antimicrobial agent, while Cat’s Claw and garlic act like a strainer, separating and burning the fungus from your blood flow. This will make your blood more oxygenated – ready to be pumped up to the engine of your body- the heart.


Here’s where two super-star ingredients enter in action – Lycopene – an amazing skin-firmness engineer and Quercetin – the natural velvet armor for your skin. What they’ll do is micro-penetrate your skin from inside to the surface, rebuilding its natural fitness, elasticity and silky-smooth appearance. Moreover, your skin will be 3 times stronger against the bad effects of cold wind or dry heat.


You just got to love this step! The natural pomegranate and olive leaf extracts will target your hands and feet, immediately draining out the fungus swamp and plugging in the outbreaks that are visible on the outside, thus beginning to fortify the fungus affected yellow nails or brittle skin.

Ancient wise Chinese doctors thought that pomegranate is capable of conferring a person longevity or even immortality. And this, together with the olive leaf extracts, will act like a immortality elixir for your nails!


Meet the anti-fungal defense trio: Selenium, Graviola and Pine-bark. These three ingredients will make sure that no hidden fungus toxin will ramble through your body!

They have been scientifically recognized to arrest on the spot any fungus or other dangerous bacteria they come across. Better protection means better health!


Red raspberry juice, Vitamin C and Vitamin E join their forces to shield your lungs from the constant attack of fungal bacteria that you are always inhaling on a daily basis, acting as a potent internal anti-fungal filter.

Now you can take a deep breath and stop worrying about any toxic pollution that wants to enter your body through your lungs! Easier breaths, better oxygenation and more protection against harmful invaders!


Green tea and the Panax Ginseng extract will activate and boost the particular anti-microbial antibodies which already exist in your body… Increasing the body’s natural ability to fight off fungus or other toxins that cause damage to your body.

And that’s not all: green tea and ginseng are well-known to have positive effects in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, arthritis or cholesterol.

At first, Dr. Mills was afraid to share with the world this ultra-secret recipe for the definitive removal of fungus. And he was right – this special formula, used only by a selected few from the ruling class, or by top military troops and astronauts was not supposed to be shared with the general public.

But I persuaded Dr. Mills to do the impossible.

So, he agreed to help me BASICALLY “STEAL”… and recreate the ULTRA SECRET ANTI-FUNGAL recipe developed by the space scientists! I knew we were both risking our lives for doing so… But we did it!

After that, we got down to work... We had the recipe and we had the medical knowledge. The most difficult part was to gather all the ingredients. You see… the market is full of counterfeit, cheap knock-offs of so-called “natural homeopathic ingredients”.

We know this because, after we’ve carefully tested 90% of the available natural extracts of green tea, vitamin C and E… herbs and mushrooms… we found out they were bogus and derived from chemicals, not from natural sources.

So we searched the whole world through our scientific connections and contacted only certified producers and verified suppliers, making sure that for our recipe we used only top quality ingredients, with 100% healing properties.

It was hard and very difficult… We worked day and night testing and testing and then testing some more, making sure that we got the right quantities and the most effective combination of ingredients.

I remember that I even lost quite a few pounds, as we were constantly working to finish up the product and forgot to eat… But… in the end, we did it. Tears of joy filled my eyes as I held in my hand that life-saving anti-fungus pill!

As I had a minor fungus infection already spreading on both of my feet, I decided to test the product on myself first and make sure it’s totally safe before giving it to my father.

After I took the first pill, at first I did not feel anything… But I knew that the supplement was already beginning to clear up the fungus build-up inside my body.

I continued the treatment and I began to feel better, to breathe more easily and to feel more energetic. And the best part was that my dark yellow nails from my feet began to regain their natural color and texture.

Moreover, the foul smelling dead skin that was constantly shedding off my heels and toes, was practically gone! My feet were now looking healthy and even my varicose veins completely disappeared!

I was extremely excited! But, as a scientist, I had to make absolutely sure that this amazing pill works even on older people and that is not just a temporary Band-Aid. And what better way to do this than on senior citizens who were living in senior retirement homes and had various degrees of fungal infections?

I mean, all the components from the supplement were natural and scientifically proven to have positive effects on the human health… And… they were used even by astronauts and the special military forces.

So, I’ve sold my car, put a second mortgage on my house, made an initial batch of 1000 bottles of the fungus treatment, bought tickets to a Greyhound bus and started touring the country. I went first to the Southern part of US – which, as you may know, is considered by doctors to be a “Fungi Heaven”.

Why? The explanation is simple – the hot and moist environment is a paradise for fungus to grow.

I’ve visited more than 30 retirement centers and gave the supplement freely to all the folks who had fungus infections on their feet, skin and hands or even on their heads…

After I’ve finished my whole initial batch of supplements, I’ve revisited everybody who tested it. And the results were amazing!

For many of them, their fungus infections miraculously disappeared. I mean even nurses and doctors took the supplement and felt more energetic, with stronger nails and smoother skin.

I even began to receive phone-calls, HUNDREDS of letters and e-mails from all the people I helped cure their fungal infection thanking me for saving their lives! People even demanded more of this amazing cure for their friends and families! This was huge!

After this, I went back to my dad… and gave him the supplement as well… He was in a very bad shape... And, although the supplement was working miracles for everybody else… I thought I was too late for him…

But, incredibly … After he began taking the supplement, we could both see the fast and visible results with our bare eyes: stronger stamina, more energy, smoother skin and better looking nails.

He told me he felt young again!

Where expensive pills, creams, antibiotics with side-effects and Big Pharma medicine have failed, I have managed to give simple folks a new hope and a new life! But I could not keep this fantastic cure just for myself! So, together with Dr. Mills, we’ve decided to produce the supplement and make it available for everybody who’s suffering from fungus problems.

We called it: 'Keravita Pro'

Now that you know all of these...

You're probably asking two questions:

  1. Is there any way I can get my hands on this amazing supplement?
  2. When and in how much quantity should I take these supplements?

Well, to answer question 1 is a little bit tricky….

You see… the truth of the matter is that getting the right ingredients to make this powerful anti-fungus pill is hard. As I said… 97% of the “natural” ingredients on the market are either fake or are filled with pesticides.

Also… the people who already tested our product and had success treating their exterior fungus (both on their feet and nails… or even head) keep asking us for more bottles… for themselves… for their families and friends…

Or just to stock up in case we won’t be able to provide anymore and to make sure that they will be fungus free for the rest of their lives…

Emptying our stocks in just a matter of days….

Moreover, Keravita Pro is carefully produced only in small batches that take up to 3 months to deliver. This process is essential to assure that the quality of the product is 100% effective. And don’t forget about Big Pharma… who is already hunting us like mad for ruining their plans of getting fat on the money coming from innocent folks who have fungus…

But, we don’t want anybody to suffer anymore and in the next few minutes, you'll find out how to get your hands on a brand-new bottle of supplements, as part of our awareness campaign.

Regarding how you should take the Keravita Pro supplement, the answer is easy:

Take 2 supplements on a daily basis, for at least 30 days.

You see, the positive effects inside your body are undeniable ! All the 26 natural ingredients, especially selected and balanced to seek and destroy all internal and external fungus infections start their process of making you healthy again the second you swallow a pill!

Of course, the first line of attack is the internal toxic fungus build-up that is threatening your internal organs. But, because most people have completely ignored the fungus problem, thinking that it’s just a minor thing, like a yellow nail, the battle is hard…

You see… because inside you there are already practically billions and billions of fungus bacteria that have multiplied for decades, it may take some time to see the results.

After the internal fungus has been cleared up and stabilized, the active ingredients of the supplement will be more focused on your external fungus damage – like on your brittle and dry skin or yellow nails.

We cannot estimate exactly what is the quantity of fungus that you have accumulated inside your body. This depends on many factors – such as the region in which you live – dry or wet zone, the climatic conditions such as hot or cold weather, your medical antecedents, your overall state of health, etc.

So, as a rule of thumb, after seeing the positive results of more than 35,000 patients suffering from Stage 4 fungus (which is very hard to cure with traditional methods), we recommend to take at the very least 2 bottles (4 bottles or more to be completely safe), for a period of 60 days.

This will absolutely guarantee a total, 100% fungal infection clean-up from inside your organs to your outside skin and nails!

Moreover, you have to take into consideration that the fight against deadly fungus is an ongoing one.

Keravita Pro will not only eliminate the deadly fungus from inside your body, but, as I have explained, it will also create a powerful defense net, or shield that will capture 99% of the daily fungus that you are breathing without even knowing it.

More than 41,000 folks of all ages, suffering from nail fungus, skin fungus, rosacea, psoriasis, athlete's foot, or eczema just to name a few... With conditions ranging from mild to extremely severe...

People who have found this hidden site by way of a well-meaning friend...

Or the recommendation of a family physician who was willing to take a stand and reject Big Pharma's blood money...

Have completely cured their fungal infection...

James Hunter from Orlando, Florida:

The results experienced are not typical consumer results and results may vary.

“I never imagined that my body was so full of fungus! I mean… My nails were looking OK, I had just some dry skin on my feet… which I thought was normal, because of my shoes or something. But one time, when I thought I had just a minor cold… I went to the bathroom and coughed some ugly looking green slime!

I then knew that was not because of the cold – that was straight up fungus getting out of my body!

After finding your cure, not only my immune system got stronger in no time, but I stopped coughing that toxic fungus slime immediately!

Thank you, thank you …THANK YOU! “

James Hunter, Orlando, Florida

Joseph Dyer from San Jose, California:

“Oh, my Gosh, am I glad I fell into this site by accident! You all have made me the happiest person today. My second and piggy toe have had terrible thick toenails that are and they've been almost impossible to clip for as long as I can remember, on both feet! And I am 49 by the way...

I hated these ugly toes, and I am so happy to find I can get rid of them so easy. I was not into the medications the docs always wanted to hand out, figured there had to be something natural I could use, and you all have just given me the answer, thank you all soooooooo much!!!!!!”

Joseph Dyer, San Jose, California

Sarah Davis from Davenport, Iowa:

“My mother lives with me right now, and has pretty bad toe fungus on all toes, both feet.

I ordered 4 bottles for her in hopes to help relieve her discomfort and embarrassment. The first day she used it, she said the nails "feel" better. The nails themselves seem to be looking much better as well. In a few days her fungal cleared up. She took it with her to her doctors appointment and was even reassured by him that this stuff should work very well.

It has definitely boosted her confidence and she has been sandal shopping this week, which she hasn't done in 5 years! That in itself is amazing!”

Sarah Davis, Davenport, Iowa

The results experienced are not typical consumer results and results may vary.

The Keravita Pro is only available from this website that you are on right now, and only for as long as it can remain up without Big Pharma shutting us down.

The Keravita Pro is about getting your life back...

It is completely natural and side effect free... and it's your first and only real chance at destroying your fungal infection... while regaining the freedom and the peace of mind that you've been denied for months, years or even decades of your life.

Knowing that you are finally going to escape from the vicious cycle of infection: You get infected, use a costly treatment with destructive side-effects, only to get infected again in just a few months after you stop stopping the treatment.

You'll finally breathe a sigh of relief. Just imagine knowing that the fungal infection has left your body for good....

No more feeling embarrassed, no more itching, no more foot odor, or sweaty feet...

No more internal fungus build-up, that threatens your vital organs like your lungs, liver, heart and even brain….

And all it takes is 2 pills a day and the fungus will be gone!

Of course, you can try oral medications... but besides the sick stomach... low energy... liver damage, or even heart failure - which require you to take even more medications with more side effects... they can also cost up to $1,800 a year.

Or you can continue to apply topical creams, or using superficial treatments like laser therapy which costs about five hundred dollars on average... but they don't address the source of fungal infection at the root, and the second you stop using them... the fungal infection will most likely come back unless you continue spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for 'upkeeping'... since the real root cause is not solved.

Furthermore, you'll be leaving an infected internal organ untreated... that can lead to even more serious complications down the road.

None of these options are real options, and you already know it.

Dr. Mills originally wanted to set the investment to get Keravita Pro at $99 a bottle.

And, from a certain point of view he was right…. All the ingredients used are natural… some of them quite rare and hard to obtain…

And also, it would have cost far less than you’d have to spend to see a specialist in your area, including the drugs he is going to prescribe to you.

Plus, this special formula is designed to go straight to the heart of the problem, treating the fungus both internally and externally.

And given all of this, $99 a bottle should seem like a STEAL to you.

But like I mentioned already, Keravita Pro is not about us making a profit. Sure, it'll be nice to get paid for our work and efforts... but if we wanted money, we could go take a job with Big Pharma right now and make a lot of money as doctors or as clinical researchers.

But we don't want their blood money...We want to help you get truly better. That is what this is about, and started me on my journey to find this cure.

I wish this had existed when my father had still his leg... maybe if it had... it would have saved him the pain and suffering that followed the rest of his life.

And, after receiving emails from people who can't afford it, we thought that everyone should have the right to try Keravita Pro. Which is why there is no chance I could consider charging you $99 for this.

Because you are reading this presentation, you will benefit from a discount from our awareness campaign...

If you act today through this website... and make the life changing decision to invest in this extraordinary anti-fungus weapon...

Dr. Mills and I have agreed to hand over the complete solution that allows you to finally banish fungal infections...

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But wait!

I'm going to sweeten the deal even more. Because I know how vital your health is to you and your family...

And how important is to get rid of your internal fungus build-up… and remain protected against the continuous fungus bombardment that is happening every single day….

I've set up a discounted package system of 4 bottles of Keravita Pro for you, for only $49 dollars a bottle, for a total of 196$ which is being offered TODAY ONLY…for as long as supplies last. You also get free shipping on us.

Once we run out of bottles,the “Buy Now ” buttons will not be active anymore until we make another batch again (which takes around 2-3 months at least).

Click the 4 bottle package (or any other package that you want) below this video to secure your order.


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Consider this the smallest, but the most powerful investment that you have ever done for yourself!

Yes, a bottle of Keravita Pro will pulverize all those years after years of toxic fungus build-up which now showed its fangs and appeared on your skin or nails…

Two bottles will do the same thing, getting you rid of your internal and external fungus problems, like it did for at least 41,000 people so far... And it will also shield you for an extra month against the fungus pollution that is entering your lungs and blood on a daily basis…

But 4 bottles of Keravita Pro will mean that in the 4 months that you will be protected, your body will develop its own anti-fungal weapons, making you practically bulletproof even against a fungus tsunami!

You could literally start sniffing fungus and your body will automatically reject it after using Keravita Pro for at least 4 months…

Also… you take action by ordering in the next 5 minutes...

I'm going to give you FOR FREE the following exclusive 'fast action' bonus package!

Bonus #1


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Doctors are extremely expensive. So are drugs. If you want to save money, you need this.

You’ll discover the strange fruit that can reverse type II diabetes in as little as 11 days… a soundtrack available for free that stops ringing in your ears and improves hearing… and many more remedies that alternative and conventional doctors find effective in reversing these common yet dreadful illnesses.

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Bonus #2


The product is a digital eBook, image is for visualization only.

This can be used by anyone, even if they don't suffer from fungal infection.

It's so powerful, that it is recommended to use this detox only once a month... alongside with the Keravita Pro if you want to. The special part of this detox is that it has 2 phases: First one is to flush out the toxins like what most detoxes do, except this one really flushes out wipes out ALL heavy metals and other deadly toxins.

The second phase provides the body with essential nutrients, healing your skin, hair, eyes and internal organs. And you can do this protocol for under $15, all in an hour or less.

Retail Value $37

You may be saying, ok this sounds amazing and I'm interested! How do I get started?

Click the yellow button below after choosing the best package for you, and you'll end up on our secure checkout page. Enter your payment details, place the order... and in 7 days from this moment, you’ll get Keravita Pro right at your home!



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You have absolutely nothing to risk. Because you are also covered by our 60 Days "100% Cured Or Money Back" Guarantee.

Start taking this amazing supplement… see with your own eyes how your fungal infection starts to disappear... how your itchiness and pain begin to fade... and how you finally regain your normal life again within days... Just like more than 41,000 of our satisfied customers who have gone through the program did.

If you’re unsatisfied for any reason …it's rare but it happens... send us an email in the member's area, and you'll get a prompt refund, no questions asked. We'll still be friends.

You have nothing to risk at all. Like I said, this is a 100% risk-free investment. So click the one of the buttons below to get started on your journey to heal from fungus.


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Let me ask you a question. Years from now, when you are looking back on your life, how are you going to feel if you could have eliminated your fungal infection quickly and easily practically in no time? Not to get depressing here but most people just don't do anything until it is too late…

Most people don't even want to consider taking any action to help themselves, until they end up in a hospital bed. As I told you, the fungus is in fact a symptom of a much deeper problem. If left untreated, it could develop into something serious... like blood poisoning or organ failure. When that happens, most people start to regret… the silly excuses they gave to themselves for not treating it earlier... but that will be too late. Don't be one of them. Take control of your health today and click the one of the buttons below to place your order.

You really do have to act now. We are offering Keravita Pro for just $69 dollars (and cheaper if you are getting our more popular packages), and giving you all the bonuses just as an incentive to get this amazing program into more people's hands.

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See, here's the weird thing. When I tell people that you can cure your fungal infection... whether it's nails, skin or even internal... practically in no time and only for less than a visit to a specialist... well, to most people it just sounds unbelievable, like there's something "fishy" going on. It just sounds too cheap, especially if you have been struggling to cure it with your doctor's prescriptions or going for laser or surgery.

Our mission is to spread the Keravita Pro to as many people as humanly possible... and the big dream is for fungal infection to be something like a rare disease that can be easily cured. But if people find it hard to believe that you can get such incredible results for less than the cost of a visit to the specialist, or a meal with your family at a restaurant... then we'll have to raise the price.

But if this website is still up, it means you can still get the Keravita Pro if you act now.

Click to make your choice below, enter your payment details, and place the order now. You'll gain access to the Keravita Pro, which will arrive at your doorway in a matter of days, as well as to the fast action bonuses immediately, in the Member’s Area.

Listen, when you think about it, you really just got three choices ahead of you right now.

Option one: Stop following this presentation and leave this page. Do nothing. Keep going the way you are now, slowly poisoning yourself with toxic fungus spores. Keep being frustrated that nothing works, and you have to live with the fungal infection for the following months... maybe even years or decades. It's not going to be pleasant.

Option two: Go to your doctor or specialist... and try the conventional treatments. But please, please don't take medications, because they'll really destroy you from the inside. Try the topical creams, or even spend $500 for a laser session or surgery. You'll find that while it may work in the short run, when you stop doing them, the fungus will come back... because the root cause was not dealt with.

Option three: Risk nothing at all today. Grab the Keravita Pro right now. And you’ll be surprised at how effective it works.

Click below to make your choice, enter your payment details, and place the order now. We'll immediately ship your bottles straight to your house.

I hope to hear your success story soon!


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Still here?

Let me answer some of the most common questions you might have about Keravita Pro.

Question 1: How does the Keravita Pro work? Can you explain it again?

The fungi that is growing on your nails and skin are merely a symptom of what's happening inside your body. This was proven in numerous studies, using a dark field microscope to see what is going on in the blood of folks who suffer from fungus infections.

And what is happening in the body? There is a systemic or whole body inflammation and infection happening. For example, if your large toes have fungus, this is related to liver and spleen congestion.

To clear a fungus, you have to first clear out the waste from the main organs and systems so that there is no extra fungal or bacterial activity.

All fungi/parasites MUST be destroyed INTERNALLY first, then on the outside.

The supplement works in the following way:

STAGE 1: THE FAST PENETRATION STAGE: the ingredients start to rapidly spread through your body like a swarm of anti-bacterial bees.

STAGE 2: MASSIVE FUNGUS BUILD-UP EXTERMINATION: the ingredients attack and neutralize the 50 or 60 years fungus build-up on the wall of your veins.

STAGE 3: BLOOD PURIFICATION STAGE: the ingredients dissolve the billions of toxic fungus bacteria that have been flowing freely in your blood system for years.

STAGE 4: DRY SKIN RECONSTRUCTION: the ingredients will micro-penetrate the skin and start reconstructing the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

STAGE 5: HANDS, FEET, NAILS REJUVENATION: the ingredients target your hands and feet, immediately draining out the fungus swamp and plugging in the outbreaks that are visible on the outside, beginning instantly to fortify the fungus affected yellow nails or brittle skin.

STAGE 6: ANTI-FUNGAL DEFENSE ARMY: the ingredients will create “police” anti-fungal stations that will neutralize any other potential hidden free-fungus toxin flowing through the organism.

STAGE 7: ANTI-FUNGAL LUNG-SHIELD ACTIVATOR: the ingredients shield your lungs from the constant attack of fungal bacteria that you are always inhaling on a daily basis, acting as a potent internal anti-fungal filter.

STAGE 8: DOUBLE-UP THE ANTI-FUNGAL DEFENSE: the special extract will activate and boost the particular anti-microbial antibodies which already exist in your body. Practically, their capacity to fight off fungus bacteria or other toxins that cause damage to your body will be doubled .

STAGE 9: ULTIMATE TOXIC FUNGUS CLEANSE-UP: the “blood purifier,” will naturally flush away any residual fungus toxins that may still lay hidden inside your body, by perspiration or while using the toilet.

Question 2: Can I take Keravita Pro even if I have allergies or if I currently use other supplements?

Sure you can. We have made sure that this amazing anti-fungal weapon has no damaging effect on people who have various allergies – as the quantities of the ingredients inside are selected to be BELOW the allergy-triggering levels. Also, Keravita Pro does not interfere with other supplements, as it targets EXACTLY only the fungus-related problems in your body. For more details, please check the Disclaimer link at the bottom of this page.

Question 3: Why haven't I heard of this cure before?

Well, as I explained during the presentation, the antifungal industry is a $13 billion a year industry business. Because patients spend on average eighteen hundred dollars a year on antifungal medications.

But what they're unaware of is that they literally spend millions and millions of dollars each year to ensure that academic medicine focus only on the drugs that make them money, and not on the drugs that will actually help them get better .

Question 4: Who is this program for?

This program is for anyone suffering from a fungal infection, be it a nail, skin or even internal like Candida. This program is also diabetic friendly. In fact, many folks wrote to us saying that this program actually helped them recover from their type II diabetes. It is not surprising, since a large part of the program focuses on restoring the damaged organs in the body. It has ZERO side effects, ZERO negative implication on any other supplement that you may be taking right now, ZERO dietary restrictions, but 100% guaranteed results!

Question 5: What happens once I click one of the options below?

Once you click one of the options below, you'll go to our 100% secure checkout page. You just enter your payment information, and place the order.

We'll immediately ship your bottles straight to your house.

It's that easy.


$69/ bottle

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$49/ bottle

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  • 30% Discount

Total: $196

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$59/ bottle

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  • 2 Bottles

Total: $118

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Question 6: How long does it really take to get results?

As I’ve told you – and I’m very proud to repeat this – Once you start taking Keravita Pro, the battle against fungus is half won! The internal results are undeniable, while the external results will begin to show in no time!

Question 7: What is are the terms of that guarantee that you've mentioned?

Because I want you to feel completely confident in your investment today, I'm providing you with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Simply click one of the buttons below, and try the program out yourself in the next 60 days.


$69/ bottle

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  • 1 Bottle

Total: $69

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$49/ bottle

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  • 4 Bottles
  • 30% Discount

Total: $196

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$59/ bottle

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  • 2 Bottles

Total: $118

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If you don't get the results I promised within a week... or you're unsatisfied for any reason... simply send an email to us in the Members' Area, and I'll give you your money back. No questions asked.

It should be clear that if I thought this wasn't going to work, there's no way I would make such an offer. But I do know this will work... a total of more than 41,000 people have already proven it.

Question 8: How long will this program be available to the public?

Well, I'm not really sure, but history has shown us that Big Pharma are not afraid to spend millions of dollars in legal fees to get something that threatens their very existence.

If you think about it, that makes sense... wouldn't you spend 1 million dollars in lawyer costs to protect the $13 billion per year you make?

In other words, if you are truly serious about curing your fungal infection in the following days, you need to take action immediately.

Question 9: How do I get Keravita Pro?

This one is easy: Simply choose your package by clicking on one of the options below, and try out the entire program for yourself, for 60 days, with absolutely no risk. If you are unhappy for any reason, you'll be given a prompt refund, no questions asked...

But that being said, I am supremely confident you won't be asking for a refund because this program has been clinically proven to be effective for anyone suffering from a fungal infection... even if they had it for 20, or 30 years.

So click below. Fill in your payment details and submit your order. I can't wait to hear about your results!


$69/ bottle

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Total: $69

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$49/ bottle

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  • 30% Discount

Total: $196

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$59/ bottle

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Total: $118

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